About Us

Toasted Barrel- the intimate Bar and Outdoor café is located in the heart of Downtown Savannah. Created by acclaimed chef Thomas Ciszak, “Toasted” refers not just to the 40+ Bourbons offered but also the variety of “Toasted Cheese” sandwiches on the culinary menu.

The restaurant’s inviting interiors have been thoughtfully designed by award-winning Rethink Design Studio, Savannah. In collaboration with many local artists, craftsmen and artisans, Chef Thomas Ciszak created a space to


A place you sip your favorite bourbon, imbibe a handcrafted and thoughtfully created cocktail, cool down with local craft beers and enjoy a Maple Glazed Toasted Cheese Sandwich.

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Thomas Ciszak is European and Michelin Star Trained Chef-Owner-Restauranteur. Mr. Ciszak is widely respected for his conception and work at Blue Morel Restaurant, Morristown, NJ and Flatiron Tapas Bar, Boston, MA.